Causes of Headaches

Causes of Headaches

The causes of headaches will vary from person to person. The level of severity can be minimal but it can also be very concerning. By taking a look at the many causes of headaches, you will be able to understand where your headache is coming from and how to prevent them in the future.

Some common causes of headaches include:

  • Anxiety- Headaches are easily brought on by times of stress. Anxiety will increase your risk of a headache so be sure to take a deep breath and relax.
  • Screen Time- Too much time spent looking at a computer or a phone screen can cause headaches. The brightness of the screen is very stressful for the eyes, causing pain in the head. Try reducing the brightness of the screen or limit your amount of time with technology.
  • Noise- One of the most common causes of a headache is noise. Loud or soft noises can cause headaches, as well as repetitive annoying sounds. Keep an ear out for which sounds trigger your headaches.
  • Eating/Sleeping- Believe it or not, sleeping too much can cause headaches! It is important to sleep the proper amount of hours recommended for your age group. Eating also plays a role in headaches. Make sure when you are hungry, you take care of yourself. Avoiding hunger can cause headaches.

Next Step

Once you are aware of what may be causing your headaches, you will be able to eliminate those pesky stressors. Take into account what type of environments create headaches for you, and cleverly work your way around it. Soon, you will be headache free!