Nightlase™ is a fast, non-invasive technique for the treatment of snoring. Gentle laser light energy tightens and elevates the soft palate to increase the airway and reduce the intensity of snoring.

Treatment requires no needles, anesthesia or chemicals. The technique can also be in conjunction with either the CPAP machine or oral devices for the treatment of sleep apnea. It offers a great alternative to those that cannot tolerate the CPAP or other common treatments. This technique has been utilized with great success in Europe for many years, and it is now being offered in the United States.

After procedure, patients can immediately return to their normal routine. No special post-op care is needed, and there are no side effects noted.

Superficial laser light energy gently heats the tissue, causing tightening and toning of the soft tissues. This reduces intensity of snoring and opens the airway, allowing easier breathing. The laser energy allows for new collagen formation in the treated area. Unlike other treatments, there is no cutting or removal of any tissue.

Nightlase™ is virtually painless during and after the procedure. During the procedure, patients usually experience the feeling of heat on the area. This heat is desirable, because it means the laser energy is working.

A full course of NightLase™ treatment is comprised of three separate 20 minute treatment sessions over a six-week period.

Up to a 50% improvement can be seen after just the first treatment. The low-cost effects of NightLase™ last for 12-24 months, then another treatment session may be helpful to further enhace the results.

With the help of Dr. Amanda Juarez at Sweet Dreams Sleep Solutions, your snoring and sleep apnea can be treated with the use of this revolutionary anti snoring laser treatment.